Amazon Reise Jungle Tours - [2D/1N]

We offer you the best adventure tour in the jungle, our hostel Amazon Reise Eco Lodge is located in the basin of the Yanayacu River, a tributary of the Amazon River, 80 km away from Iquitos.
We are surrounded by a well preserved rainforest in which birds and butterflies abound, we have cabins for both 02 and 04 people.
Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge is an ideal starting point for exploring the exuberant Amazonian rainforest by our experienced guides, learning about its fascinating plant and animal world and meeting local people whose lifestyle is perfectly adapted to the environment.

Tour Information

Airport - Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge

Program Details:

Tour Details:

Reception at Iquitos airport and transfer to the city.

During the tour you will be given a brief orientation about Iquitos, seeing the main attractions of this vibrant and historic city located to the east of Peru. In the 19th century, it became the most important city in the river port of the Amazon , acquiring a surprising cosmopolitan condition during the "Boom of rubber".

In Iquitos, you will have a presentation of your expert naturalist guide and transfer to the pier to start the boat ride to our lodge.

Navigation downstream on the Amazon River , considered the longest and most powerful river in the world, aboard comfortable and safe boats. The trip to the Amazon will allow you to see a wonderful panorama in which the magnificence of the Amazon makes its way through the exuberant jungle where you can also observe the beautiful villages with their particular color and joy. In addition, we search for pink and / or gray dolphins during our navigation to the lodge.

Arrival at AMAZON REISE ECO LODGE is approximately 2 hours (downstream) from Iquitos. Our house built in the native style with natural materials, is on platforms elevated to 1 meter of the ground since in seasons the river increases of flow, being able to notice numerous varieties of birds and butterflies. Our staff will welcome you with a welcome drink made with local fruits (cocona, camucamu, copoazu, etc.).

A brief explanation of the rules that govern the sustainability of the cottage and its Surroundings will help you learn better ways to make your stay more rewarding and participate in ecotourism activities.

Immediately afterwards they have their accommodation according to the type of room selected.

ECO CULTURAL Circuit (Yanayacu Basin Ecosystem)

Walking or canoeing - depending on the season - to the village of "Fátima", community of Yaguas, whose ancestors were discovered by Francisco de Orellana in his first exploration in the Amazon in 1541. This visit will allow you to know their Ancestral custom, to appreciate its unique clothing made of palm fibers and even to prove its aim with the "Pucuna" or "blowtorch" (wind gun) that the Yaguas used for centuries for the hunting and the protection of the family.

Return to the lodge for lunch.

Gastronomy at the Amazon Reise Lodge stands out because it involves fresh and natural products, produced from the river and the "farm", golden fish fillets (Brachyplatystoma flavicans) accompanied by cocona, regional vegetable salads, cassava , beans and fried plantains, a delight that is another attraction of the jungle. Feel free to ask the chef's recipe!

In the afternoon the tour will launch the botanical ethno. Always accompanied by your useful guide who also knows that the jungle can harbor very particular species of the plant kingdom such as Cat Claw, Acid Reed, Copaiba, Aguaje and even the "rope of the dead" or Ayahuasca. In addition to being able to appreciate the species of Amazonian fauna during our walk through the forest, knowing well some species of monkeys such as friars, wild birds ...

Tour of the path leading to "Kingdom of the Giant Trees" in Yanayacu under the canopy of branches intertwined with heat and humidity that favors the growth of lichens and mosses in the giant trunks whose Roots develop separate terrain. Looking carefully, you could find some creature camouflaged in the foliage (lazy monkeys). This is an exciting hike that will spur your adventure spirit and definitely enjoy more if you are wearing a pair of rubber boots or waterproof material suitable for this area.

Back at the lodge, you will appreciate a beautiful sunset, when the sky is tinged with shades of pink, gold and purple reflecting in the river as the shadows of the night slowly envelop the Great forest. It is essential that your camera is ready to record this scene! At night the forest and its inhabitants allow us to enjoy sounds and sensations. Your guide will tell you when to start the canoe or walking tour that will lead you to discover, in silence and in the light of a torch, the mysterious world of nocturnal insects, grasshoppers, spiders, praying mantis, etc.

Also distinguish the songs of the owls and the ayay mums are interpreted as the language of the fantastic creatures in the local imagination. In addition, we will make a search for alligators, tarantulas, hualos toads, snakes ...

To end the evening, after enjoying a good meal, nothing more pleasant than listening to the stories and legends of the rich Amazon myths. In addition, if you wish, our staff will share with you a time of music and songs for a relaxing desk that will lead to the best of dreams.

Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge

Program Details:


Tour Details:

Sunrise (5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.)

Bird watching on the Yanayacu River: During the early hours of the morning is the right time to observe many species of birds that feed on the river bank, or the plantations that are in and around the community.


After breakfast we prepare to begin our fishing tour , we will do the traditional form of fishing for piranhas or other species. The guide will teach you some local fishing techniques.

Visit the town of Timicuro; There you will see plantations of cassava, banana, papaya and other typical products of agriculture in front of the river.

Return to the lodge for some time to relax, wait until lunchtime.

Visit to a rescue center, the Amazon animal sanctuary where you can see the famous Anaconda, the largest aquatic boa on the planet Earth in addition, the python or boa mantona, the Matamata , The crocodile, monkey species such as woolly monkey, spider, machin, saki, lazy bear, exotic bird species: toucans, parrots, the famous woodpecker, Camungo or Amazonian turkey, the Shansho (prehistoric bird) etc. .

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to appreciate a wide variety of locally produced natural and medicinal products such as the Cat's Claw, Chuchuasi, Oje, Palo Sangre, Amasisa, Sacha jergon, all of these With great medicinal properties and to close with a green flourish, make a toast with our exotic drinks, '7 roots',' achuni ullo ',' break the panties', 'parapara', '7 times out', 'wait for me In the corner ', among others, which are used as natural viagra.

Return to Iquitos City.

Return to the airport.

Matrimonial room

Double room

Triple room

Quadruple room

It includes:

  • 01 night accommodation at Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge with full meals (01 Breakfasts, 02 lunches, 01 dinners
  • Visit to Monkey Island
  • Jungle trek
  • Evening boat ride
  • Searching for Pink Dolphins
  • Victorias Regias Observation
  • Birdwatching Tour
  • Artisanal fishing tour
  • Visit to an artisan factory
  • Transfers Hotel-Lodge-Hotel

The Program Does Not Include

  • Drinks in general: soft drinks, juices, soft drinks and / or liqueurs
  • Air tickets Lima / Iquitos / Lima
  • Airport taxes in Lima and Iquitos
  • Tips for airport and / or personal porters

It is suggested for the comfort of the passengers during their trip by the Amazon River and their accommodation in the Lodge to organize in advance a backpack or a small suitcase with absolutely necessary for their stay in the Lodge. The suitcases or the rest of the luggage will be left in Custody, for the duration of the stay in the lodge.

  • Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge staff awaits you at the airport in the passenger departure area.
  • The program may vary depending on flight arrivals and departures as well as weather conditions.
  • For your trip to Iquitos, take the flights in the morning and return to Lima in the afternoon.
  • Transfers from Iquitos to Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge: 10:00 a.m. (subject to change due to flight schedules)
  • Transfers from Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge to Iquitos: 14:00 p.m. (Subject to changes due to flight schedules)
  • Check in: 13:00 pm Check out: 12:00 pm

Raincoat or plastic poncho (raincoat), flashlights, rechargeable batteries, binoculars, good insect repellent, sun block, canteen, light cotton clothes, trousers and long sleeve shirts, cotton socks and polos. Moisture resistant shoes and / or jebe boots (we provide in the Lodge) Essential bathroom linen. A windbreaker (sometimes the temperature drops considerably when it rains or on boat trips).

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Amazon Reise Eco Lodge is located in the basin of the Yanayacu River, affluent of the Amazon River, 80 km away from Iquitos, surrounded by a well-preserved rainforest in which birds and butterflies abound, we have both cabins For 02 as for 04 people. Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge is an ideal starting point for exploring the lush Amazonian rainforest by our experienced guides learning about their Fascinating plant and animal world and knowing its local inhabitants, whose way of life is perfectly adapted to the environment.