Committed to tourism and nature

Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge is a RUSTIC NATURAL hotel located in the middle of the jungle of Iquitos and is only Accessible by sailing 2 hours along the Amazon and Yanayacu rivers
It offers the service of lodging all included: Transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. Guided By experienced local guides.

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Team Amazon Reise Eco-Lodge

Our team is made up of Iquiteños professionals in various fields that seek to make known about the tourist potential of the Amazon
Also to raise awareness about the care of this majestic natural wonder

Darwin Boria

Marketing and sales

Natural of Iquitos, very passionate to the adventure and conservative by nature joins the group of Amazon Reise Eco Lodge© With the intention of making the Amazon a better place.

Carlos Melendez


Natural of the city of Iquitos, desirous of making known the riches of the Amazon, with capacity to make a better link with our customers online.

Christian Arévalo

Representative and Logistics

Natural of Iquitos, to its short demonstrated a great love and care of the nature that next to Amazon Reise Eco Lodge© is willing to share and make of his sight an unforgettable experience.

Jesus Rueda

Founder and Guide

Natural of the city of iquitos, inspired by the great diversity of species and magestuosidad of the Amazon, has decided to share with the visitors their years of experience and love for nature.